Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Benefits of alternative power

The alternative energy sources can be used to generate power. The power so generated is known as alternative power. The main use of alternative power is the generation of electricity. It can also be put to several other uses.

Alternative power store offers several benefits as opposed to conventional sources of energy which are exhaustible, cause pollution and are expensive. Also the conventional sources of energy like coal and petroleum will not always be available.

The benefits of alternative power sources are:

• Alternative power resources are high quality renewable source of energy.
• It reduces the energy costs.
• Alternative power reduces the dependence on fossil fuels and petroleum for energy requirements.
• It is a reliable and clean source of energy.
• Alternative power is economical once its use begins.
• It is environment friendly as no harmful gases are emitted into the atmosphere by the generation from alternative power companies.
• It is a sustainable source of energy.
• It does not require maintenance.
• Alternative power will always be available readily and freely.
• It helps to reduce global warming.

Alternative power has a major disadvantage as well. Alternative power requires machinery and trained people for its generation. These are expensive and therefore, the generation of alternative power is costly.

Alternative power is becoming more popular to meet the energy requirements because of the number of advantages it offers. Alternative power will become an important energy source in the future and so methods must be developed that make the generation of alternative power less costly.

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