Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wind power

Wind power provides a self reliant approach for producing electricity with relatively little maintenance cost. In financial terms, wind power retains high capital cost and low marginal cost. Sometimes wind power is also combined with hydro electric power for providing a better and consistent supply.

Unlike other electricity generation techniques, it does not emit any radioactive particles thus reduces the extent of pollution. The installation as well as generation has an inconsequential effect on environment. Wind power also eradicates the need of using any other fuel; in case of any power cuts, it provides continuous supply. The most significant advantage of wind power is that it does not consume any non recyclable source of energy like oil, natural gas and coal.

Several gadgets employed for converting kinetic energy into mechanical energy have been also manufactured like windmills and turbines. Some home made turbines have been also enlisted their higher efficacy in electricity production. The major factor that affects on the designing of turbines is its usage area like small wind turbines, unconventional wind turbines and record holding turbines.

In a conventional wind turbine three major components are integrated as electric generator (for conversion), propellers (also known as blades) and base (for elevation and support). Some advanced wind turbines may integrate many components apart from these three basic components.

From past few years, wind power generation has been appeared as one of the most important energy saving programs in renewable energy sectors. All these activities have provided a consequential contribution to the overall development of various states.